Reasons for Minecraft’s Widespread Popularity

Minecraft is one of most demanded games across the globe, and tens of thousands of players have bought and played this addictive game. Minecraft became popular immediately after its first release in the market. Let’s take a look at the reasons why. The main reason that Minecraft is so popular is obvious when you think about it. It’s simply because it is so close to human nature. Human beings are naturally inclined to expand and to build something out of nothing. This game gives them the opportunity to do just that because it places the power to build in their hands as they play. One more important reason for its popularity is that it does not have complex rules or guidelines to follow, and instructions, which take hours and hours to read. Instead, it is a simple but unique game in its own way. A free environment and a set of tools are provided to allow players to build and create elaborate structures. Everybody has free choice to set his/her own aims to achieve while enjoying this innovative game. Minecraft also offers almost infinite variety so no game is ever the same and there is no risk of players becoming bored. There are millions and millions of possibilities for each new world that is generated when you play. The different landscapes include deserts or swamps, tundra or jungle -etc, so you can play in completely different worlds every single time. Once you are proficient in the single player version, then you can raise your enjoyment even further by playing the multiplayer version. In the multiplayer version, many players can join a server to play together in a custom-built game map. Of course, the main theme of Minecraft is the same as that of single player mode – construction and destruction. The multiplayer version brings a whole new dimension to the game. Although you can play with players across the world over the Internet, a great way to play Minecraft is over a local area network. If you have friends who like to play this game, you can ask them to join you on a local area network, where you can host a server to play Minecraft with them. What could be more enjoyable?

An Introduction to Minecraft Game play

It is a game that has become popular all across the world, and people have shown a great interest in playing it. If you like to play a game that is based on building construction and creativity, to survive monsters attacks, it is worth playing. In this game, a player has to build different constructions by being creative to survive attacks by ‘hostile mobs’. While playing this game, you will find a number of fixed grid patterns arranged in 3D cubes. These patterns contain different types of materials like water, stone, dirt, various ores and tree trunks. Actually, you will be in a game world in which various materials are required to do construction.

The game is all about creativity and construction, as you will be free to place construction material anywhere in the fixed grid pattern. There are three gameplay modes of Minecraft i.e. Survival, Hardcore and Creative. The earliest version of this game was Classic mode which was free to play, and had an unlimited construction material supply to help players build them. This Classic mode was only available for building aspects. Later on, Minecraft was divided into three gameplay modes, including Survival Mode Test. In this mode, a player has to mine his/her own blocks. Since there is diversity in available construction material in this mode, you can use your creative mind to build constructions and survive attacks by monsters.

Once you start playing Minecraft, you will see your player positioned on the surface of the 3D game world. You can move your player across mountains, water bodies, plains and caves. The game world consists of different terrains, so that it becomes a lot more interesting. You would be chasing your primary goal while playing through desserts and snowfields up to many other biomes. You would be facing and encountering various non-human creatures during the course of the game. Since the in-game time system is based on day and night cycle, you will be facing specific types of creatures for each cycle. During the ‘day time’, you will need to hunt down non-hostile animal spawns to craft building materials. Whereas during the ‘night time’ you will be facing skeletons, zombies and gigantic spiders in unlit areas like caves etc.

You can generate complex systems in the game with the help of using the in-game physics engine. The more you navigate and move your player across the game world, the more game world is generated. However, there is a limit on moving your player vertically in the game world. If you start playing ‘Survival’ mode of Minecraft, your player will be attacked by different mobs that will result in the depletion of your player’s health mentioned in the health bar. Your player also has a hunger that you must refill by eating various food items available in the game world. You can also use armor to protect your player from attacks of mobs. There are different types of weapons available in the gameplay to kill mobs and enemies attacking your player.

To have a better gameplay experience, you must acquire useful resources so you can craft more effective items. You can craft weapons, food items and use other tools to build construction materials. Tools like an axe, shovel and pick axe can be acquired to build various construction materials in the gameplay. Just make sure, you carefully use the available resources and get the best out of them for a better gameplay experience. Minecraft is played all over the world, and you can find numerous useful tips to help play this game easier.

The Pros and Cons of Cheats and Hacks

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games in the world today. People are so hooked on the game that they spend hours putting their creativity and imagination into the gameplay. In an effort to get through this game more easily, cheats and hacks have been developed and now circulate around the Internet. There are a lot of these and applying them in Minecraft can have amazing results depending on the situation. Cheats are available on the net but it’s up to you to decide if using them is at all worthwhile.

Minecraft Cheats – Pros and Cons


Playing in single player mode, cheats are completely acceptable. Here, you’re not cheating anyone else because you’re playing on your own or against the computer’s artificial intelligence. Your Minecraft account is not in any way at risk in this mode. You can construct all you want and play however you like and cheat while you’re at it, it’s perfectly fine.

Playing in multiplayer mode, cheats are effective, just as long as other players think it’s alright to encode cheat codes (lawless servers) because they do it themselves too. Here, players not only compete using their talent, but also with the number of cheat codes they possess and can use.


Playing with others and using game cheats is often a different story. Cheating can be detected in this mode which can lead to other players kicking you out of the playing area. At worst, they can blacklist players who attempt to use cheats and hacks. That means a player can never enter that server ever again, it is a consequence that has to be faced for trying to beat the usual honest way of gaming. With this happening, players can still play Minecraft but have to find other servers to log on to.

Minecraft is such an addictive game and if cheating cannot be helped, maybe less noticeable things such as spying over walls can be done. This trick is less obvious and does not get you into too much trouble, or the risk of getting kicked out of the game.

Minecraft Seeds – Creating New Worlds

The game of Minecraft has become hugely popular over the last couple of years. Where else can you build new rooms, new landscapes and even new worlds? Where else can you build your defenses by day so the zombies and monsters don’t attack you at night? Minecraft seeds can help build new worlds, either randomly or by selection. You may find yourself in the middle of a forest, a desert or a mountain range.

If you’re up for any kind of adventure, just leave the Minecraft seeds field blank; it will create a new world for you at random. Of course, you’ll still get cows, sheep and pigs that will give you things like wool and pork chops.

Thanks to the thousands of players who enjoy Minecraft, there are many websites that are dedicated to providing you with information about Minecraft seeds. These have graphics to let you know what the world looks like, and details of what’s included (clay, iron, etc.) If you’re new to the game, this is a great way to get started, and do some research on what types of worlds are available. For example, the seed 167466437 will give you an island surrounded by the ocean, and that has clay, sugar cane, coal and iron. The number 321539913 spawns you next to a river that separates a mushroom island and a jungle.

There are billions of possibilities for new worlds that get generated by Minecraft seeds. This is one of the reasons that the game has become so popular; you never get bored. With different landscapes like Tundra, Mushroom, Jungle, Survival/Island, Deserts and Swamps, you can lose yourself in a completely different world every single day.

If you want a certain terrain, like mountains or a desert, you can simply type that in, instead of a number. Typing in “desert” will generate a desert world for you to play. However, there are some bugs with this, and it doesn’t always work 100% of the time.

The Minecraft seeds have been available since version 1.2, and you can use the same seed to generate the same world consistently, even on different computers. Essentially, this means that the seeds can be shared between different players to create the same world between them.

If you come across some Minecraft seeds that you think are interesting and fun to play, you can share them with other players. This game is enjoyed by thousands of people across the world. Kids and adults alike are enthralled by the concept of the game, and they love creating and designing their new worlds.

There are different Minecraft seeds that have become available as each new version comes out. A simple search in your favorite search engine will tell you which ones are available with the version that you have. Whether you have the paid or free version, you’ll be able to access the seeds.

With the sheer number of Minecraft seeds that are available, you could play the game for years and never get the same world twice. Some of the more popular seeds include Magic School, Fight Fight Fight!, Bambi and Artomix. Once you play the game and become more experienced with how it works, you will develop some of your favorites, and can share them with other users. As more versions are created, surely there will be more worlds that will also get developed. There is a never-ending supply of Minecraft seeds for the serious player.